Alternative Gifts

Livelihood creation in a box

Alternative Gifts are 'livelihood creation in a box'!  One gift of tools is all it can take to transform someone's life.  Combined with training, a tool kit is sufficient to set up a small business and provide for your family.  For many this means they can afford school fees, perhaps for the first time.  It means food on the table and a roof over their heads.  People who benefit from tools often tell us:

"I had to choose between food and medicine, but now I can choose both."

We must never underestimate what an amazing statement this is.

Buying an alternative gift provides the key tools needed to get someone newly trained set up with their own business.  The bigger workshop kits, equip the training centre or larger busineses as tradespeople expand.


You'll find all of our alternative gifts below in our online store, or if you prefer you can order using your Credit or Debit Card by ringing our office 9-4.30 Monday to Friday* on 01473 210220.

If you purchase an Alternative Gift we will send you a card with your gift described inside.  You can then personalise the card before giving it to the recipient! 

*Due to the recent lockdown, our office is only open Mon-Tues.

Your card may take longer to get to you as a result. We

apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you would like to download our Gift for the Journey

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