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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We are extremely passionate about combatting the effects of climate change. The tools that we send to Africa are all collected from people living in the UK. We prevent these tools from ending up in UK landfills and give them a new life.


Metal sent for recycling

Unfortunately, some tools that we receive are too damaged or broken for us to send to Africa, but we don't want to throw them away if they can still be used in some way.


One way we do this is by selling them to Sackers, our local waste management company. They put all the metal through their fragmentiser which separates all ferrous, non-ferrous and waste materials, and shreds them down into small pieces. The end product, 3B shredded steel, is sold to their customers where it is melted down and reused.


We also strip copper from wires and send them any other metal that we can salvage.

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