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Spring Appeal

The cost of the Red Sea Crisis

The more we help, the more it costs us

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A Longer Journey, a Higher Cost: Help Us Empower More People in Africa

The journey of hope has become longer, but our commitment remains unwavering. The recent crisis in the Red Sea has dramatically impacted shipping routes, adding weeks to delivery times and pushing shipping costs up by £2,500 per container.


Despite these challenges, we take immense pride in sharing that in 2023, we shipped 20 containers, delivering 15,158 life-transforming tool kits and machines to communities across Africa.

This year, we are aiming even higher. We plan to ship 22 containers, reaching over 17,000 individuals with the tools they need to build a brighter future. This expansion will include our first-ever delivery to Malawi, the tenth poorest country in the world, and Burundi, currently ranked as the world's poorest. Rising costs shouldn't deter us from extending this vital support.

Together, we can overcome these challenges and continue our mission to equip individuals across Africa. Your support, no matter the size, can make a world of difference.

Donate today and help us continue empowering communities across Africa, one container at a time!


Meet Florence

Florence lives in the poorest, most rural area of Uganda, and her life has been unimaginably hard. But thankfully, she lived near one of TWAMs best projects: URICT. It is run by one of our volunteers, Andrew Gabula, and he noticed her plight and invited her to join his tailoring course. Florence tells us:

I had no money or ability to do anything, so came here where the training is free. I joined the course because I knew my life had to change, and I had to have independence from my husband because he was not good to me. I left home with my children but had to go back to my husband to beg for money, but I could not keep doing that. I have four children knew I must keep them safe. When I joined the course, I was living with my mother, but the strain was too much for her.

Florence completed her course and has become a successful seamstress. She even gives back to URICT by repairing the
school uniforms and bed sheets for the orphanage for nothing. But Florence's work is only free because she has a sewing machine.

We must keep sending containers because of Florence and the thousands like her who are crying out for their lives to change.

Other ways to donate

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Donate by post

Cheques, postal orders, charity vouchers, and standing order forms can be sent to:

Tools with a Mission

2 Bailey Close

Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate



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Direct bank deposit

You can also pay directly into our bank account:​

Barclay Bank Ltd.

Account no. 33190994

Sort code 20-44-51

We would love to acknowledge your BACS donation, so please send us your contact details, amount donated and date of donation via email ( or post when you've donated directly via BACS. 

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Donate by phone

You can ring us to donate by debit or credit card.

Our number is 01473 210 220 and our office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

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