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Local impact


At TWAM, we rely on our volunteers to keep us going. They're the lifeblood of our charity, enabling us to fulfil our mission.

Our volunteers provide invaluable support, and we give them a chance to put their skills to use in a meaningful way while forging lifelong friendships.

Check out our dedicated volunteering website, Time for TWAM, to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Community Support

Africa will always be the focus of our work, but there are some tools and materials that are donated to us that we can't send overseas. 

We send these to a variety of organisations that are providing valuable services to their local communities.

For example, we send haberdashery material that can't be sent to Africa to Re-Create, who use it in crafts projects.

We also work with WS Training to offer training and work experience opportunities to young people with additional needs.

Growing Places, Realise Futures help us out by taking our donated gardening tools and refurbishing them, improving and promoting the economic and social wellbeing of those who are underserved and/or disabled.

TWAM Local Impact Newsletter

We produce a digital-only quarterly newsletter showing our impact in the UK and the fantastic work that our volunteers do. You can sign up to our email list to receive this, and you can view previous editions in PDF format below.


July 2022

Local Impact Newsletter

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April 2022

Local Impact Newsletter

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