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Where we work

We currently send tools to six countries in Africa

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We have sent tools to 17 countries in the past.


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Where we work in the UK

Collecting, refurbishing, and shipping tools creates a chain reaction of positive impact across the UK. Through our activities, we breathe new life into unwanted tools, fostering a culture of sustainability and conscious consumption. This practice reduces waste and its impact on the environment while promoting a circular economy.

Our operations create rewarding volunteering opportunities that foster a sense of purpose and camaraderie. People from all walks of life come together, connected by a shared cause, and they often form deep and lasting friendships. These interpersonal connections strengthen the social fabric of our communities and improve well-being. 


By involving local groups such as Rotary Clubs, WIs, and churches in our tool collection, we also stimulate community engagement and increase awareness about global development issues. This involvement promotes a broader perspective and encourages local participation in addressing global challenges.

In essence, TWAM is about empowering people - those in need in Africa and those at home in the UK.


Our main Refurbishment Centre is located in Ipswich. This is where the majority of our tools are refurbished.

We're able to send 16 containers filled with over 12,000 toolkits from this centre every year. It provides regular volunteering opportunities to over 60 people.

We work with local organisations in Ipswich to support people with disabilities, learning difficulties, and additional needs.

If you're interested in finding out more about the centre or about our impact in the UK, click the buttons below.

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Our largest Refurbishment Centre is located in Rugby. This centre was opened in 2022 and is a crucial part of TWAM's strategic plan to double in size by 2025.

This centre will send six containers filled with livelihood-creating tools this year, working up to matching the 16 containers sent by Ipswich.

If you're interested in finding out more about the centre or about our impact in the UK, click the buttons below.

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