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Volunteer with us

We wouldn't be where we are today without our volunteers. They are the force that drives us forward, allowing us to fulfil our mission.

Our volunteers provide invaluable support in a multitude of ways, including refurbishing, collecting, and transporting tools, administration tasks, marketing, and fundraising efforts. It is their dedication and hard work that ensures TWAM’s crucial work continues to positively affect communities and livelihoods. With their help, we will send 22 containers filled with over 16,000 toolkits this year.


Volunteers experience an enriching journey, having the opportunity to put their unique skills to use in a way that creates a meaningful impact. Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone looking to develop new skills, there's a role for you at TWAM that can provide a sense of purpose and achievement.

Volunteering with us also enhances employability by offering practical experience and skill development. It is an opportunity to demonstrate initiative, leadership, and a commitment to social responsibility, all highly sought-after qualities in the professional world. Volunteers often find that their time at TWAM, while spent in service to others, also contributes significantly to their personal and professional development.

Have a look at our available volunteering roles below. If a role interests you, you can click through to see more information and apply. Some roles will require you to enter your postcode to check role availability, as we are not always able to offer every role in every location.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please reach out to Paul Daley, our Volunteering Coordinator, at

If you are an existing volunteer and would like to login into Assemble, please click here to go to the login page.

You can download the Assemble help guide here

Volunteer Roles

From Home

In a Centre

We have roles in our Ipswich and
Rugby Refurbishment Centres.

Listen to our volunteering podcast

Volunteer Roles

As a Tool Collector, you will play a vital role collecting tools from the general public, either by personally picking them up or providing a tool drop-off point.

As a friendly face in the community, you'll represent TWAM and spread the word about our work. People will contact you to arrange tool collections or deliveries. You will be the first step in a tool's long journey to skills training centres in Africa. This is a home-based role.

You can either be tool collector or a tool collection point, which is better for groups or those who cannot travel.

Tool Collector

stephen spencer collector 1 (1).jpg
Tool Collector

Van Team

Join one of our TWAM Van Teams and become a vital part of our mission to send refurbished tools to African skills centres for livelihood creation.


TWAM Vans collect tools that are donated to us, either from volunteer collectors or members of the public, and bring them back to our Refurbishment Centres. There are driving roles, van management roles, and van administrator roles.

We have vans based in Ipswich, Rugby, Redcar, Maidstone, and Aldershot. Head to our volunteering website and put in your postcode to see if there is a van role available.

New Rugby Van 2023 Nigel (1) (1).jpg
Van Team

Local Groups are teams of people who share our passion for livelihood-creating tools and work together to collect them from their local community, and even help in other ways if possible, such as sorting or lightly refurbishing the tools.

You can help to arrange tool collections at local supermarkets, DIY stores, and garden centres, and even offer talks to local community groups or speak on local radio.

Starting a Local Group is easy - all you need is somewhere to store the tools, such as a vacant garage or big shed, and the enthusiasm to gather together like-minded friends.

Local Groups

Local Group 2.jpg
Local Groups

Tool Refurbisher

Refurbishment Champions help us to get all the donated tools ready in our Refurbishment Centres.


They play a key role in identifying the tools that can be used to change lives, giving them some basic TLC to bring them back to life, and putting together life-transforming kits that support long-term livelihood-creating projects across Africa.

We have Refurbishment Champion roles available in Ipswich, and Rugby.

Refurbishment Champion

Community Fundraisers organise events and come up with creative ways to fundraise in their local community.


Coffee mornings, quiz nights, open gardens - the sky's the limit when it comes to generating support for TWAM! Community Fundraisers also keep an eye out for sponsored events and encourage people to get involved, whether it's a fun run or a walk for TWAM. 

They make our work possible by raising much-needed funds to keep the charity running.

Community Fundraiser

Community Fundraiser.jpg
Community Fundraiser

Church Ambassador

As a Church Ambassador, you will be representing our organisation in your local church and spreading the word about the work we do.

You'll be the main point of contact for TWAM and the person we rely on to promote our work and local events in your area.

If you're passionate about sharing the love of God through serving others, this is the perfect role for you. Join our team and become a Church Ambassador for TWAM today!

Church Ambassador 2.jpg
Church Ambassador

Office Champions are often the first point of contact for our supporters and volunteers.

They answer phone queries and emails, write thank you letters to donors, record their donations, and more.

There are other admin roles, including within the Operations team preparing documentation for our containers, assisting country coordinators, or putting together van schedules.

This role is available in Ipswich and Rugby.

Office Volunteer

Office Champion 2.jpg
Office Champion

County Ambassador

County Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting our mission by raising awareness of our work and expanding our reach in your designated area.


You will have the opportunity to work closely with local volunteers, identify new opportunities for forming local groups, and help recruit collection points for donated tools.

You will be the face of TWAM in your county and have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people in need.

County Ambassador 2.jpg
County Ambassador
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