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PLEASE NOTE: We are now unable to guarantee that gift cards will arrive by Christmas. When purchasing your Gifts for the Journey, please keep this in mind.


An electrician’s kits provides all the tools needed to safely install and maintain electrical wiring and sockets. The kit contains specialist electrical screwdrivers and circuit testers. It also includes basic electrical fittings to get the newly trained electrician started in their new job.


Kit contents:

Allen keys - metric Set
Cutters - Side
Drill - Bits - Metal - Metric Set
Drill - Hand Manual
File - Flat
Hammer - Ballpein Large
Hammer - Wedge
Knife - Stanley
Knife - Stanley Spare Blades Pack of 10
Pliers - General
Pliers - Insulated
Pliers - Long Nose
Punch - Dot
Saw - Hacksaw - Junior
Saw - Hacksaw - Senior 
Saw - Hacksaw Blades Junior Pack of 10
Saw - Hacksaw Blades Senior Pack of 10
Screwdriver - Neon
Solder Pkt
Soldering Iron - Electric
Spanner - Adjustable Small Set
Spanner - Set Metric Set
Strippers - Wire
Tape Measure
Test lamp
Tin Snips

Electrician's kit

  • This is a virtual gift. Your purchase will cover the costs of collecting, refurbishing, and packing everything that goes into this kit. You will receive a card to recognise your purchase of a virtual gift through the post. This will be despatched by second class mail within 5 working days of receiving your order.

    On occasion we may need to substitute or omit certain items in tool kits.

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