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Ipswich Refurbishment Centre and Head Office

Centre Manager: Trevor Maynard

Phone: 01473 210 220


Address: 2 Bailey Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, IP2 0UD

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

How to donate tools
We welcome tool drop-offs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. To make unloading easier, please box your tools wherever possible. If you are planning to drop off more than just a couple of boxes of tools or machines, we kindly ask that you make an appointment by calling us at 01473 210220 during the aforementioned hours. This will help us prevent overcrowding and ensure there are no clashes with van deliveries. Thank you for your cooperation.

What we do

TWAM's main office is located in Ipswich. Tools collected and refurbished by TWAM and independent centres are sent to our Ipswich and Rugby Refurbishment Centres, as well as the ones collected by our fleet of vans. Once in Ipswich, the tools are sorted and packed into trade tool kits that are ready to be shipped overseas. We also receive tool donations directly from the public.

At our Ipswich centre, we refurbish a diverse range of tools, including electrician's, builder's, carpenter's, and garage workshop kits, sewing and knitting machines, as well as computers.

Our international operations are managed from Ipswich, along with a team of volunteer Country Coordinators across the UK who support applicants in supported countries. We pack and send containers from Ipswich via UK ports to Africa.

Volunteering at Ipswich

We're the main TWAM centre accommodating both a refurbishment workshop, warehouse, and head office. All our containers are dispatched from Ipswich. Over 60 people volunteer with us regularly and we always welcome new people. 


There is plenty of parking outside. We have male, female, and disabled toilets and a nice canteen area. Tea, coffee, and biscuits are always available, and volunteers can take a break whenever they want.  

Have a look at the Volunteer Opportunities available in Ipswich below. If you would like to volunteer for TWAM but you are not near one of our centres, there are still many ways you can support our work. Click here to see all our Volunteer Opportunities.


Pictures of the Centre

Trevor Maynard


Head of Refurbishment

What attracted you to working for TWAM and this role in particular?

I personally considered it an honour to be able to get involved with something which changes people's lives and when I saw this role, I knew I had the skills which I could bring to TWAM to make a difference.

What do you think your volunteers find most rewarding about volunteering at your centre?

I think that they also love the feeling that they are making a big difference to someone's life.  In addition, though, it's the banter and the camaraderie and for many the chance to socialise with other people for a few hours.

What do you find the most rewarding, and also the most challenging about working with the volunteers in your centre?

We have a diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life with amazing tales and life experiences and it's so encouraging to see how they step up when needed to fill a container.  The challenging part is that they are all volunteers so staffing levels can vary wildly and planning can be challenging!

What do you think are the benefits of volunteering?

It gives people a sense of purpose in a diverse friendly environment.  The end goal is to change people’s lives so it gives volunteers a very satisfied feeling

Finally, in a few words, why do you think people should volunteer for TWAM?

The realisation that volunteering can change lives, that they are making a difference and that anyone has something to offer however small it may be   

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