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Bangladesh suffers from few natural resources, political instability, poor infrastructure and frequent power cuts.  Almost half of Bangladeshis are employed in agriculture with rice as the single-most-important product.  Flooding and weather issues caused by global warming cause increasing problems.

In 2014 TWAM supported a rural development project with computers and IT equipment.  Similar work was repeated in November 2017. 

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In 2014 TWAM supported a project by The British College of Technology and Commerce to provide tools and equipment to disadvantaged communities.  Electricians and Plumbers kits were supplied.  An entire Carpenters workshop along with student kits were also sent along with a Mechanics workshop and individual mechanics kits.  Power tools and computers completed the order.    

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Kenya has been a key country for TWAM for many years.  Thousands of tool kits have been sent to local community based projects.  TWAM sent its last container to Kenya in 2017 and due to the challenges of shipping and charges has suspended all future work. 

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Kosovo has dropped out of the news but remains a country with huge needs.  TWAM has supported charities working in Kosovo with tools and equipment for some years.  In 2013 a shipment of builders, groundworkers, carpenters and agricultural kits was sent out along with a selection of power tools.

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TWAM has had a long association with Malawi and has shipped a considerable amount of tools and equipment.  Many shipments have been sent out independently by partner charities.  A partnership is currently being developed with Zambesi Mission and Zambesi Evangelical Church which we hope will lead to Malawi receiving entire containers in the next few years.  Currently our direct support is mainly computers and IT equipment.

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In 2014 TWAM supported a Scripture Union project developing community workshops for dressmaking and motor mechanics.  

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TWAM has had a long association with Mozambique and supports many charities and organisations working there.  Tools are sent direct and through other charities independently shipping tools and equipment.  Over the years TWAM has supported community carpentry workshops and training centres, builders training programmes, agricultural projects and disability projects.  TWAM has also supplied computers and IT equipment to community organisations and charities

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The decades-long rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his Securitate police state became increasingly oppressive and draconian through the 1980s. Following his overthrow in 1989 Romania opened up to the West and the level of poverty became increasingly evident.  The state of the country's orphanages proved a shocking scandal to everyone in the West.  Many charities, missions and churches took aid into Romania and many stayed to help rebuild the country.  TWAM supported this effort by responding to requests for tools and equipment.


For many years TWAM was privileged to support organisations such as Romania Child, Aid to Romania and Lifeline Romania.

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is extremely poor and nearly half of the working-age population engages in subsistence farming. The country possesses substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources, but it is still recovering from a civil war that destroyed most institutions before ending in the early 2000s.  Since 2014, the rapid spread of Ebola virus has caused a contraction of economic activity in several areas, including transportation, health, and industrial production.  Whilst the World Health Organisation declared Sierra Leone free of Ebola virus in November 2015, the epidemic has disrupted economic activity, deterred private investment, and strained the budget and restricted public investment projects.

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Rwanda is Africa’s most densely populated country with 90% of the population engaged in subsistence farming.  Despite Rwanda's fertile ecosystem, food production often does not keep pace with demand.  The 1994 genocide decimated Rwanda's fragile economic base, severely impoverished the population, particularly women, and temporarily stalled the country's ability to attract private and external investment. A significant percentage of the population still live below the official poverty line.

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TWAM has supported Tanzania for many years, sending at least one container annually.  We sent our last regular container in 2019.  Hundreds of community based projects have been supported over the years and we continue to hear of encouraging success stories.

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The Gambia

TWAM has supported various projects in The Gambia working with marginalised groups and ex-offender programmes.

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United Kingdom

TWAM has supported projects across the UK for many years.  These have included supporting charities providing skills and tools to refugees, groups providing community care by setting up gardens and allotment schemes and supporting ex-offenders setting up gardening businesses.  We have also supported railway and classic car groups with tools unsuitable for Africa.

We also welcome volunteers of all ages who come to us with support workers or through various support agencies.  

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