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Eron was battling poverty, but she didn't need money.

"My cousin introduced me to Mindset, where I learnt tailoring. I chose tailoring because I love fashion and I like wearing what I make. Tailoring is a good choice as even if you have no materials, you can do repairs and still earn money.

If I had not had the opportunity at Mindset, I do not know what I would be doing. My school friends who have not had this opportunity earn very little money and do not have my dreams of opening a school.

I know where I will start a school, I looked for somewhere with lots of school dropouts. This is important because when girls do not finish school, some will become pregnant and won't have any chance.

Doing what you love makes the whole world of difference."

She just needed support and a push in the right direction.


Diana struggled to feed her child, but it wasn't money that helped her.

"I am what I am today because of Mindset and my TWAM sewing machine.

I dropped out of school and had very little prospect of employment. I had always dreamed of tailoring, so when a friend suggested a training course, I took it.

I now rent a small space outside a shop and work 11 hours a day, 6 days a week to earn enough money to put food on the table.

My customers trust me and come to me to tell me what they want and know I will make it.  I measure them and design their garments to their wishes.

I am very thankful to TWAM and Mindset for the training and the sewing machine which I received."

She needed the means to earn that money herself and support her family.


Azizi was out on the street, but money didn't get him back on his feet.

"My life has changed completely. Since I completed the course, I am transformed.

My situation meant I was totally poor. I dropped out of secondary school, and I had no home because of a big family dispute. 

I took a training course, and they gave me TWAM carpentry tools when I finished. I worked in other people's workshops until I could finally open my own.

My workshop got robbed and even collapsed once, but I kept going until I reached the point I am at today.​

I am training three people and have other students to help them succeed. I acquired a skill and wanted to give back, so if I see someone in need, I will try to help them."

Hard work, along with being given the right opportunities and resources did.


With your support, we are able to


Keep 400 tonnes of tools out of UK landfills every year


Save over 1,134 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year


Fight the effects of climate change by refurbishing and recycling tools

Your support gives UK volunteers a place where they are appreciated, and where they can use their skills to make a real difference.

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"TWAM’s vision for helping the underprivileged by providing recycled tools really caught my imagination and spurred me on to get involved. I find this a real blessing."

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Merv and Sue

“It gives us structure and purpose in doing something much bigger than ourselves. We miss it when we don’t come in with our friends.”

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It gives me the opportunity to meet many generous and thoughtful people. Despite what you might think if you read the press there is a lot of goodwill in this world!

Your support will help UK volunteers


Your support goes directly towards:

  • providing tools that create livelihoods and give opportunities to vulnerable members of African communities

  • keeping tools out of UK landfills and combatting the effects of climate change

  • giving UK volunteers a place where they are appreciated, and where they can use their skills to make a significant tangible impact

Support livelihood creation, Join The Toolbox.

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