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Our plan

TWAM's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

We're a growing charity and plan to double in size by 2024.  We want to do this because the demand for our life-transforming tools is so high and we want to help as many people and communities as possible.  So, we're a charity with a plan!

We believe in transparency and wherever possible we share our news, activities and plans with our volunteers and supporters.  So if you want to find out more about our plans and what TWAM will look like and be doing in the next five years, we suggest you start by watching our 22-minute video presentation by Mike Griffin, our Chief Executive, and Simon Danks, the Chair of the Board.  

How are we doing?

2020 was the first year of our plan and despite the challenges of the pandemic we managed to achieve all our main goals.

  • We closed our three small workshops in Scotland, Wales and the Midlands.  We were very sorry to see them go but delighted that the Welsh and Midlands centres reopened as independent centres supporting TWAM.

  • We reviewed and increased our development resources to support long term sustainable and viable overseas projects.

  • We commissioned a tool application app to make it much easier for people in Africa to apply for tools.

  • We began talks with like-minded charities to see how we could work together.

  • We stopped sending books, bikes and non-tool items to Africa, so we could focus solely on what we do best.

  • We began a recruitment drive for the Coventry Refurbishment Centre.

  • We identified a site in Zambia where we could develop a Training and Distribution Centre.

2021 was the second year of our plan and one of consolidation as we prepared for the big moves of 2022.

  • We appointed our first ever full time paid manager for the Coventry Refurbishment Centre in preparation for opening the new much larger Midlands Refurbishment Centre.

  • We expanded the opening hours of our current Coventry site to five days a week (previously three days)

  • We appointed a Project Manager to lead the search for our new building and bring it into operation.

  • We continued and expanded our volunteer recruitment drive to include volunteer collectors and drivers.

  • We appointed our first ever Fundraising Apprentice to help fund the expansion plans.

  • We took the decision to delay the opening of the Zambia Centre until at least 2023 as the effects of Covid would make such ambitious plans very difficult to achieve.

  • Finally, we identified a building to become the home of our new Midlands Refurbishment Centre and began negotiations with the landlord. 

2022.  As we say goodbye to another challenging year we look forward to our most ambitious year ever, as we open our new Midlands Centre and continue the huge expansion of TWAM.

Below is the development poster referred to in the presentation.

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