Tools with a Mission is very grateful to its major supporters


The Aall Foundation

The Aall Foundation began major support of TWAM in 2019 and has continued its very generous support ever since through annual grants.  Their support continued to make a huge difference in the UK and across Africa.  Their support during 2020 was due to fund team conferences in Uganda and Zambia and while these have had to be delayed due to Covid 19, we hope they will go ahead in 2022.  These vital conferences bring our teams and country partner together to share our vision for TWAM, get important local input into that vision, and provide training to support new developments and tasks.


The key development over the next two years will be the design of a phone and web app that will allow applicants in Africa to easily open an account, apply for tools and track their applications.  There will be a second extended app used by our in-country team to process their applications.  All members of the in-country teams will be provided with an Android tablet to use with the app.  This is a major step forward for TWAM and one we could not do without it being fully funded by the 2020 support of the Aall Foundation.

Aall Foundation announce 2021 grant!

We are delighted that the Aall Foundation has confirmed the 2021 grant to fund the complete replacement of all three of TWAMs vans.  This is an incredibly generous grant and TWAM could not be more grateful.  These vans will help TWAM continue its growth and the next phase of its strategic plan.  

The Aall Foundation

The Aall Foundation has its origins in Norway.  It was originally set up as the

Continental Foundation by the shipping magnate Mr Anders Jahre (right).  He was

known as a generous philanthropist, particularly in support of medical research. 

Following his death in 1982 and a protracted gathering of his assets and those

of the Continental Foundation, it was decided to transfer all funds to a new

foundation based in the Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islands was an obvious

choice as it has many prestigious investment banks specialising in managing large



The Aall Foundation were introduced to Tools with a Mission in 2019 by a long

term recipient of our tools.  We are very grateful for the foundations ongoing