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Meet Tim and Alison from Rugby

For Tim and Alison, retirement opened up a world of possibilities – a chance to give back and make a lasting impact. Drawn to TWAM’s mission of empowering people and communities through donated tools and technology, they stepped into roles that are absolutely essential to our work, helping to keep tools out of landfills and ensuring they reach the hands of those who need them most.

With a background as a software engineer and test manager, Tim recognised the real need for skilled IT support at TWAM’s new Rugby Refurbishment Centre. During a volunteer open day, he mentioned his expertise, and the role of IT manager was quickly suggested to him. Tim embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, bringing structure and streamlining processes to ensure every refurbished computer became a gateway to opportunity for someone in need.

But Tim's dedication didn't stop there. Fuelled by an unwavering desire to contribute and make a difference, he readily took on additional roles like power tool repair, packing containers, and even driving the van. His versatility and willingness to pitch in wherever needed quickly made him an invaluable member of the TWAM team.

Alison, a retired primary school teacher, saw a different need. After hearing Tim come home and talk about his time volunteering with TWAM, she decided to have a look. When she noticed large quantities of donated tools that weren’t suitable for Africa, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Equipped with experience and a knack for sales, she started selling tools online and at car boot sales, transforming unwanted items into vital support for our mission. Her efforts not only divert waste but also generate crucial income for TWAM.

Together, this enthusiastic husband and wife team found a rhythm in their volunteering. While Tim tackles IT challenges, Alison meticulously sorts and sells tools, their individual contributions merging together to create a powerful impact.

For Tim, the allure of TWAM lies in the opportunity to merge his professional expertise with his desire to make a tangible difference. From setting up computers to optimising operations, Tim's varied roles within TWAM allow him to leverage his skills for a meaningful cause.

What keeps Alison and Tim going is more than just tasks completed and numbers achieved. It's about the stories they hear – the student finally able to access education with a refurbished computer, the carpenter rebuilding his livelihood with donated tools.

These individual triumphs fuel their passion, reminding them of the real difference they are making. Alison and Tim are just two examples of the incredible volunteers who power TWAM's mission. Their dedication, diverse skills, and unwavering commitment are a shining example of how people can work together to achieve extraordinary things. They even spread the word about our work and encourage other people to come along and use their skills to make a difference.

TWAM's success is built on the passion and commitment of volunteers like Tim and Alison. By contributing your time and talents, you can be part of a mission that empowers communities, transforms lives, and creates a more sustainable future for those in extreme poverty.

If you're considering volunteering, take inspiration from Tim and Alison. Remember, every hour you contribute, every skill you share, and every conversation you have has the potential to make a tangible difference in someone's life.

And at TWAM, there's always a warm welcome, a supportive team, and, of course, plenty of biscuits waiting for you!


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