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Our Volunteer Tool Collectors

Every tool that comes to TWAM has a story, a rich history etched into its handle, a patina of hard work on its surface. When someone decides to donate their tools to us, they're not just clearing out the shed; they're making a conscious choice to allow the tools’ stories to continue, their legacies to be reshaped in the service of transforming another person's life.

A volunteer TWAM collector receiving a sewing machine from a donor

This is where the journey of a tool begins — not with the end of use, but with the start of a new purpose. Our volunteer Tool Collectors are the ones who make this possible.

We have a network of over 250 collectors across England and Wales, collecting tools directly from donors' homes or acting as drop-off points.

Our collectors are the face of TWAM, the smile at the door that thanks the donors for their generosity, the hands that ensure the safe journey of every donated tool.

Stephen, one of our collectors, tells us: “I feel much more in touch with the local community, something that I could have easily lost in retirement. This role gives me the opportunity to meet many generous and thoughtful people. Despite what you might think if you read the press, there is a lot of goodwill in this world!

This network of collectors and donors is essential. Together, they prevent these valuable items from ending up in landfills and help us to carry out our mission to empower lives across Africa.

Thanks to this collective effort, tools that once served people here, sometimes throughout their entire lives, can now transform communities in need.

And that's what TWAM is all about – not just giving tools a new home, but giving people new hope, and it’s our team that makes that possible.


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Quick Links

We take a wide variety of tools. Click the button above for the full list of accepted tools, and to find your nearest local collector or drop-off point.

Our work is mostly done by volunteers, whether that's driving around collecting tools, refurbishing them, or helping out in the office. Have a look at our roles.

Support our work by covering the costs involved with putting together a tool kit, as a donation, or an alternative gift on behalf of a loved one.

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