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We are looking for a Refurbishment Centre Manager in Coventry

This is a new and incredibly exciting position as it is key to a huge expansion in our work.  We currently have a small volunteer-led site in Binley but in early 2022 we will be looking to move to large new premises capable of doubling the output of our charity.

The new manager will be responsible for preparing the current site and volunteers for the move, as well as working with the Project Team (both volunteers) to identify, plan and equip the new site.  The team tasked to deliver this new centre will include the Chief Executive, Ipswich Refurbishment Centre Manager, Logistics Manager (volunteer), current Coventry Manager (volunteer) and headed by a very experienced Project Manager (volunteer).

It is a great opportunity to make a genuine difference to hundreds of lives across Africa and in the UK through the support of a team of volunteers in the new Midlands Centre and across the UK.  To find out about us and where this position fits within our growth plans please watch the video with Mike Griffin, our CEO below.

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  Download the application form here

Interested candidates should fill in the application form and send it to

Interviews will be held as suitable candidates are identified.  They will take place in our current Coventry Centre in Binley.