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How tools transformed an orphan's life in Uganda

This is Elias from Uganda. He lost both of his parents when he was a teenager and felt completely lost, with no plans or ideas for his future.

Living in a rural community, Elias had no opportunities beyond backbreaking day labour, which is so physically draining that many people don't survive it.

His future was truly bleak, until volunteers from Faith Orphanage heard about his struggles.

''The volunteers told me about the courses at Faith Orphanage. They could see that I was an orphan and couldn't manage on my own, or even afford to look after myself. I saw that this was a strong chance to have a better life.''

Elias decided to go to Faith Orphanage and started a welding course because he thought it looked easier than carpentry. His ambitions were very clear: he wanted to become independent and be able to look after himself using his skills. So what happened to Elias after he completed his course?

''I am working now and making grilles, windows, and door frames. In my spare time, I help out at Faith Orphanage. It is going very well, and I am planning to open my own workshop''

Not only is he succeeding, but he's also sharing his skills with other people who are in the same situation he was in. Tools have the power to transform lives completely, just as they've transformed Elias' life.


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