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How a Knitting Course Transformed Jane's Tragic Story

Jane, a mother, grandmother, and widow, spent every day haunted by a series of heartbreaking losses. With her husband beaten to death by drunks in the street and three children lost to a brutal illness, she faced a seemingly insurmountable struggle to provide for her family.

woman holding two handmade doormats

Before she found the Blessed International Ministries Organisation, her days were punctuated by door-to-door labour, hours of washing and ironing for meagre payment that barely fed her family. The deep hunger and desperation in her grandchildren's eyes was a constant reminder of her struggle for sustenance.

Yet, in the heart of adversity, she found a sanctuary. She started a hand knitting course, and she didn’t just gain a skill; she gained an extended family. Their arms were always open, ready to catch her when the burden of survival threatened to knock her down.

After finding empowerment through skills and companionship, Jane is no longer the suffering day labourer that she used to be; she is a talented artisan. Her once-meagre earnings have grown into a reliable income, enough to fill her children and grandchildren’s stomachs and rewrite the narrative for her tragedy-stricken family.

women sat on a terrace making doormats by hand

Jane’s TWAM knitting kit has truly transformed her life and allowed her to support her family and find valuable companionship. It took her from just barely surviving to a place of self-reliance and empowerment.

“This group is more than a place to learn; it’s another home for me. I earn more money than I did before so I can support myself and my family. This equipment you are providing is changing lives, it’s really changing mine.”

Her story speaks volumes about the strength of community and the significant impact of donated refurbished tools. It highlights a large part of our mission - uncovering the potential hidden within those burdened by hardship, and helping them to reshape their futures with tools.


Just £8 could cover the costs of a hand-knitting kit, which will offer a vulnerable trainee the same transformation that it offered Jane. Gift a knitting kit and transform a life today.


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