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Empowering Dreams: Angela's Journey From Beginner to Designer

Angela, a young woman in Kalulushi, Zambia, was barely scraping by, only making a little money by selling clothing accessories. With no contacts and little experience, she faced an uphill battle every day. Despite her best efforts, progress was a slow grind. She hadn't passed all of her exams when she was at school, so she couldn't continue with her education and was forced to find other ways to earn money.

A simple call from her mother, who'd heard about a tailoring course on the radio, set Angela on a path that would bring her closer to her dreams.

Angela started the course at Kitwe Training Centre and quickly found that tailoring was more than just a skill. It was a lifeline, a survival tool, a gateway to independence, and an avenue to explore her creativity. "You can learn tailoring quite fast," she says, "but the important part is how it helps you survive, how it helps you build a life."

With determination in her heart, Angela has embarked on her journey in the world of design. A month into her course, she's already dreaming big. "I always wanted to be a designer growing up," she confesses. "I am trying so hard because I truly want to learn. Every dress I make is a step closer towards my dream."

Angela envisions a future where her designs are known internationally and where she travels the world showcasing her talent. Her aspirations are not just dreams but plans set in motion. Her mother, always her staunch supporter, is already looking for shops in town, a future home for Angela's own business.

As the oldest of five children, she's forging a path not just for herself but for her siblings too. Her story is a testament to her resolve and to the transformative power of donated refurbished tools, and it's thanks to your support that she is making these crucial steps towards to brighter future.


Could you provide a sewing machine to a trainee just like Angela? Just £25 would cover the costs of collecting, refurbishing, and packing one sewing machine, which will be a lifeline to a vulnerable person in Africa.

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