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Tool Aid Ringwood

Tool Aid Ringwood

Phone: 01425 473 968


Address: The Barn, Gouldings Farm, Ringwood, BH24 3PA

Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 09.30 am to 12.30 pm

How to donate tools
Tool donations can be dropped off by prior arrangement. If you are disabled or have a problem delivering to the workshop we have some of our volunteers who can assist with collecting the tools. We cover a large area collecting from Fordingbridge in the North to Bournemouth on the coast and from Wimbourne in the West to Lymington in the East, just call to find out more. 


Alternatively, to find your nearest volunteer collector please use the postcode checker on the Donate Tools ​page.

What we do

Tool Aid Ringwood operate as an independent complete tool, sewing machine and computer refurbishment workshop, with 80% of our output going to TWAM. We have 50 volunteers working on various days through out the week.

We cover the costs of operating the Workshop, including rent, power, machinery and all the essential consumables and any residue monies go in as donations to various charities.

Volunteer with us

We are looking for volunteers to join us at the refurbishment centre to help with a wide variety of tasks.  Please visit our dedicated volunteer website for details:

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