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Margaret's Journey of Empowerment

In Solwezi, Zambia, challenges massively overshadow opportunities. Margaret, a resilient woman and a mother of six, found a newfound purpose and means of sustenance through the skills she acquired with the help of the tools.

Margaret embarked on a journey to learn how to make doormats by hand to give herself the chance to support her family. The initial days were challenging, but with determination and the right tools, she and her fellow community members can now make beautiful doormats. Every Tuesday, they gather not only to create these beautiful mats but also to discuss the power of village banking—a self-managed system that encourages members to contribute a portion of their earnings to support each other in times of need.

Margaret's life took a remarkable turn. From a time when she had no hope and was struggling to make ends meet, she now has a skill that keeps her afloat. This newfound skill has not only empowered her financially but has also connected her with her community in meaningful ways. The village banking system enables them to support one another during challenging times, whether it be contributing towards funeral expenses or aiding in medical emergencies.

Margaret's children are now able to go to school, with one of them even aspiring to become an electrician. Her new income allows her to support her husband, who used to spend all day every day doing immensely physically demanding jobs for incredibly little pay.

Margaret's aspirations don't stop here. Pushed on by the positive changes in her life, she dreams of expanding her skill set. Her eyes are set on learning tailoring, envisioning a future where she can create even more items to secure a better life for her family.

Margaret's story is just one among many, illustrating the profound impact that TWAM tools, along with your support, have on lives in Solwezi and beyond.


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