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Easter Appeal

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We need your help now more than ever.

  • Charitable giving has reduced drastically

  • Grant income is much lower than in previous years

  • We've seen a £100,000 loss over just 4 months

  • Each container is costing us £1000s more to ship

  • Our utility bills have risen by 300%

  • Fuel costs for our 5 vans have increased

  • Costs going up across the board

Make a difference by donating today, equipping people
like Lydia with life-transforming tools.

“How do I start to help my children when I have nowhere to start from?”

Picture Lydia, a mother in Zambia, trapped in a heartbreaking cycle of poverty. As she struggled to support her family, her husband stayed at home, drowning his sorrows in drink instead of seeking work. With no opportunities to escape this desperate situation, Lydia felt the weight of her family's future pressing down on her.

Then, a life-changing opportunity arrived—a training course offering not only valuable sewing skills but also a community of supportive and encouraging women. This transformative experience became Lydia's lifeline, providing her with the tools and knowledge to overcome the challenges she faced.

Through sheer determination and hard work, Lydia mastered her sewing machine and turned her life around. Today, she runs a thriving shop, plans to employ more women, and supports her family of nine, including her children, sisters, and husband, despite his ongoing struggles.

But Lydia's story doesn't end there. Her passion for sharing her skills drives her to teach her sister to sew, empowering her to achieve independence and contribute to their family's well-being.

Countless others like Lydia yearn for a chance to break free from poverty and rise above the hardships that hold them back. Tools with a Mission relies on your compassionate support to send essential tools to those in need across Africa. Your donation helps cover the costs of collecting, refurbishing, and packing these life-changing tools.


By supporting Tools with a Mission, you bring hope, renewal, and new beginnings to people like Lydia this Easter. Help us answer the heartfelt question, "How do I start to help my children when I have nowhere to start from?" by giving people the tools they need to get started on their journey of freedom from poverty.


Donate today, and together, we can transform lives, uplift families, and create lasting change in the face of adversity.

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