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DR Congo

DRC is one of the world's poorest countries with 63% of the population living below the poverty line.  Basic infastructure is almost non-existent and it can be impossible to travel across the country.  Civil war remains the main barrier to growth and the general lawlessness discourages investment despite DRCs huge natural resources.  


One of the key indicators of a country suffering appalling hardship is the life expectancy of its population and the number of people who reach old age.  Below is the figure for DRC and you will see that over 60% of the population is below 24. Compare the figures to the UK to see how dramatic this is.



Why we work in The Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRCongo (1).png


0-14 years:     42.65% 
15-24 years:   21.41%
25-54 years:   29.75%
55-64 years:   3.56%
65+ years:      2.63%

Compared to the UK:

0-14 years:     17.37%

15-24 years:   12.41%

25-54 years:   40.91%

55-64 years:   11.58%

65+ years:      17.73%

Infant mortality is one of the highest in the world:
71.47/1000 of the population
4.38/1000 UK  

 Life expectancy is just 56 years compared to 81 in the UK. Despite all of this, the people of DRC are determined to change and see their country prosper again. The community spirit and faith of the people are helping to bring genuine change to the country.

Tools with a Mission is partnering with organisations across DRC who want to transform lives through community projects, church partnerships and training facilities. 

What we do
We used to send 40-foot High Cube containers to DRC, but due to a variety of insurmountable problems, we have had to stop sending containers directly. Tool applicants can now apply to receive tools in containers for Zambia or Uganda, and cross the border to collect them.

Many of our tools support community-based projects, and we get lots of requests for industrial sewing machines and equipment. With such a young population, there is an urgent need to provide employment and the hope that life in the DRC is worth living.
The difference we make
Working alongside our partners, we strive to bring transformation through livelihood creation. Transforming one life will transform the future of the whole family, which in turn will transform the potential of the whole community. A young person trained to build homes and given a TWAM builders kit, going back to his community will bring dramatic change.
All country statistics, information and maps are reproduced with the help of the CIA World Factbook.
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