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Chichester Local Group

Centre Leader: Dave Bassett

Location: Chichester

To donate tools, check who your nearest collector is here.


Mike Redhead -

A little bit about us

Our group was started by Peter Watkins and Clinton Grant about 25 years ago. It started to grow into the enthusiastic group we now know when many of us joined in 2011. The group has grown ever since with people regularly joining us.


What we do

We collect tools from people who either ring or email us. We then sort them and refurbish some of them ready for the TWAM van to collect. The tools then go to the main Ipswich Refurbishment and Distribution Centre in Suffolk. We don't send anything to TWAM that cannot be sent out to Africa. The photo above is of one of our garages prior to the TWAM van arriving, and the photo below is the team after a collection.


Volunteering at Chichester

We are always looking for volunteers to join us.  This could be collecting tools from the general public or helping sort and refurbish them in one of our three workshops (or of course both). The workshops are all in our garden sheds or garages. We normally encourage new volunteers to start collecting and then join us refurbishing when they get more confident.

Volunteers receive an ID pack, letters of introduction, newsletters and pamphlets. We are a friendly group, and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

​We love what we do, as it is very rewarding and moving to collect tools, especially from widows who have lost their husbands and desperately want to avoid their cherished tools going to landfills. We enjoy spending time sharing with them how their tools will be used. We think this is an important part of our volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities


Chichester TWAM at a garage sale in September 2020, where they raised £300 for TWAM.

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