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TWAM receives £4,000 grant from Suffolk Community Foundation

We're so pleased to announce that we will be receiving £4,000 in grant funding to refurbish the male bathroom in our Ipswich centre, which hasn't had any work done since it was built in the 70s and is looking quite miserable.

This will provide a much more enjoyable environment for our volunteers to work in. We are so grateful to Suffolk Community Foundation for helping us to improve the quality of the facilities that we are able to offer our volunteers.

This project is funded by Suffolk Community Foundation through the Suffolk Giving Fund (£2,000) and the Harris Family Fund (£2,000).

Progress update!

The work is underway in our Ipswich Refurbishment Centre, and it is progressing quickly. The floor has been replaced and all the parts are arriving. It is quite a loud and messy process, but all of our volunteers and staff are looking forward to seeing the end result.

This toilet has been untouched since it was first built, so it will be so refreshing to go from an old dingy toilet to a fresh, modern one!

We hope that it will only take a few weeks to finish all the work and we will be back to business as usual before long.

Nearly finished!

The toilet renovation is nearly finished, and we are so excited to finally be able to use it. It looks better than we even imagined! The sleek, modern panelling on the walls has made it feel much more luxurious.

There is only a bit more work to do now, such as plumbing all of the utilities in, painting the ceiling, and adding the toilet cubicle.

What a transformation! We'll show you a before and after once the work is completed.


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