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Summer Appeal

Our failing forklift

Help to replace this crucial equipment


Please help us to keep our operations running in Ipswich. Your support can ensure we continue uplifting lives and creating opportunities across Africa. Donate now and be a part of the driving force behind our work.

Without a forklift, Ipswich would grind to a halt. Tools wouldn’t be unloaded, stored, refurbished, or loaded into containers.

From providing communities with vital equipment to support livelihoods, to empowering individuals with the tools for vocational training – our mission is to uplift and empower. But right now, our operations in Ipswich are at risk without your support. The backbone of our Ipswich Refurbishment Centre is a 25-year-old forklift that has loyally served us through thick and thin. Day in and day out, it works tirelessly – unloading tools from vans, storing them on racking, and loading tools into containers bound for those in need. However, this workhorse is nearing the end of its lifespan.

The forklift's age and unreliability have caught up with us. It struggles to start when required, operates erratically, and its safety beacon is literally held on with tape. We've done everything we can to keep it running, but the cold truth is, further repairs are no longer cost-effective or sustainable.


The solution lies in a new, efficient electric forklift like the one transforming our operations in Rugby. There, we've witnessed firsthand how this vital equipment enables us to swiftly prepare and ship tools to where they're needed most. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's cheaper to operate long-term.

However, the £26,000 cost for a new Ipswich forklift exceeds our current means. Without it, we face an impending crisis where communities are cut off from the empowering tools and equipment that provide skills, livelihoods and hope for a better future.

Your generous gift today will be the driving force allowing us to replace our failing forklift, ensuring a steady stream of life-changing tools and equipment flows to those who need it most:

Other ways to donate

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Donate by post

Cheques, postal orders, charity vouchers, and standing order forms can be sent to:

Tools with a Mission

2 Bailey Close

Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate



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Direct bank deposit

You can also pay directly into our bank account. Please put your postcode and SUMMER as a reference.​

Barclay Bank Ltd.

Account no. 33190994

Sort code 20-44-51

We would love to acknowledge your BACS donation, so please send us your contact details, amount donated and date of donation via email ( or post when you've donated directly via BACS. 

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Donate by phone

You can ring us to donate by debit or credit card.

Our number is 01473 210220 and our office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

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