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Hello I’m Felicia

Can I tell you about my family?

"My heart is crying because of the things that have happened to me.  My husband died leaving me with 9 children to look after, then my eldest daughter died and I now have 8 grandchildren to look after. 


I grow vegetables to eat and ground nuts to sell, but we barely survive.  We often go without food and I can not afford to send any of my children to school.


Then Pastor Paul saw my great need and offered me a place on his tailoring course. 


I have now finished the course and my plans are to open a small shop in my home.  I will make clothes and do alterations.  It will still be very hard and we still struggle, but I will be able to send my children to school and we will no longer go hungry. 


I am full of joy and determined.  By the grace of God, with my sewing machine we will survive."


Every tool kit or machine purchased through The Tool Club has the potential to transform not just one life, but many lives.  Through Felicia’s sewing machine 17 children will have an education and a chance to break free of poverty.  A chance they will be able to pass on to their children.  All from a sewing machine costing just £25.  This is the amazing impact of

The Tool Club.

Tools with a Mission supplied Pastor Paul with sewing and knitting machines and a computer.  With these he opened a small skills training centre in the poor area of Lusaka, Zambia where Felicia lives. 

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