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Tools of Hope

Transforming lives, one toolkit at a time

Tools of Hope is all about empowering lives through tools and practical skills training, instilling hope where it's most needed. With a shared vision of driving transformational change, we are encouraging churches and groups all across the country to partner with us for this unique tool collection initiative.

How It Works:

This campaign focuses on two impactful actions:

  1. Collecting Tools: We are asking churches and groups to consider running tool collection drives. These could be hand tools, power tools, sewing machines, or any other tool that's in one of our kits. Your congregation or community's old or unused tools can make a world of difference to individual lives, as well as families and communities.

  2. Raising Funds: Alongside tool collection, churches can also raise funds to support TWAM's mission. These funds will help cover the costs of collecting, refurbishing, and packing the tools, ready to be sent to where they are needed the most. We have seen drastically increasing costs in all areas of our work, so you will really be making our work possible despite the struggles of the current economic climate.

Please have a look at the resources below which you can use for your campaign. Embrace the spirit of giving and join us in our mission to empower people with the tools they need to transform their lives. With your help, we can instill hope, one toolkit at a time.

Benefits to churches



Here are some posters, flyers, and invitation cards that you can print off to publicise your event. We have three sizes: A4, A5, and A6. You can cut the smaller sizes into individual flyers. Click on the bottom right of each image to download them.

Social Media

We have a variety of images that you can use on social media to publicise your campaign. Simply click on the bottom right of each image to download it. You can use these whenever you post about your campaign. There is also a document containing potential captions that you can use.

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