Why we work there

Tanzania is one of the world's poorest economies.  The economy depends on agriculture, which provides 85% of exports, and employs about 80% of the work force.  All land in Tanzania is owned by the government, which can lease land for up to 99 years.  The World Bank, the IMF, and bilateral donors have provided funds to rehabilitate Tanzania's ageing infrastructure, including rail and port, that provide important trade links for inland countries.


The people of Tanzania face many challenges, one of the greatest being health.  Over half the rural population do not have access to clean water and shockingly there is only one doctor for every 30,000 of the population.  However unemployment is very low at 5.8%


One of the biggest challenges facing Tanzania as it strives to build a sustainable economy is the huge age imbalance in its population.  It is one of the highest in the world. 

                         Tanzania     UK                      

0-14 years:     44.34%    17.37%
15-24 years:   19.59%    12.41%
25-54 years:   29.61%    40.91%
55-64 years:   3.49%      11.58%
65+ years:      2.97%      17.73%


Infant mortality is very high at:

42.43/per 1000 of the population

4.38/per 1000 UK  


Life expectancy is 61 years compared to 81 in the UK.


Tanzania is a country striving to develop a stable growing economy and is having some success in doing so.  This requires the educating and training of its people and the support of organisations like TWAM.


What we do

Tools with a Mission has a long term commitment to Tanzania.  We currently send around two containers a year packed with tools and equipment.  We work with hundreds of charities, churches, schools and organisations committed to improving the lives of their own people. We also ship a significant quantity of charitable goods for other missions working in Tanzania and supply charities sending goods out independently.  Containers are shipped direct through Dar Es Salaam. 


The difference we make

TWAM works with many missions across Tanzania and one is Hanga Abbey, the first indigenous Benedictine community of men in Tanzania. It was founded in 1957 and has a real heart to reach out with love and compassion to the people around its community.


The monks seek to identify with the needs of the people, irrespective of religion,  creed or social status.  Education was seen as a very great need, so in 1979 they started a Vocational Training School offering courses in carpentry, masonry, tailoring and auto repair. Courses are open to both boys and girls. One of the main goals of the school is to empower women, enabling them to move out of poverty. This is where TWAM fits in, as many of our partners could not possibly afford to buy the equipment needed for a training centre or school. Equally none of the students completing their courses would be able to buy the tools they need to start work and use the skills they have learned. TWAM’s partnership makes all this possible - but don’t take our word for it.  Our recipients tell their stories


Brother Benedict heartfelt thanks and Edward's great plans tell us their stories.


Brother Benedict's heartfelt thanks


Brother Benedict tell us:

"Greetings, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the equipment from TWAM, including electrician's kits, motor mechanical kits, carpenter's kits and builder’s kits. We have distributed the kits to about 236 students. The students are so pleased!  


When we gave the mechanic kits to the students they told us how essential it was for their work and said ‘TWAM is the future generation for us.'  Sister Jacinta, who teaches tailoring, said of her class when they received their sewing kits and materials: 'We are very grateful to you for your generosity.


We thank you for your gift of tailoring equipment and the material we have received today. May God bless you and reward you. On behalf of our poor people we thank you. Our gratitude is our prayer for you.'  Lastly but not least I, on behalf of the beneficiary would like to give you the word “ASANTE” which means our heartfelt thanks for your kindness, God bless you!"  

Brother Benedict.

Edwards great plans


One of the TWAM's recipients in Tanzania is ‘Tanzania Partnership Development Organisation’.  In November 2016 they applied for sewing machines, a computer, scanner, knitting machine, carpentry kits, electricians kit, motor mechanics and garage kit.  Edward their director explains why they applied for so many different kits:  He says: 


“We train local orphans in sewing, carpentry, knitting and computer skills to enable them to earn a living and escape from a life of exploitation by others.  We believe the answer is wealth creation rather than simply poverty alleviation.”


This means no one is forced to learn a skill they are not happy with, but can play to their strengths.  For some this means office based computer skills, for others more hands-on practical skills.  We believe it is up to local communities to decide how best to meet their own needs, and offering a selection of training options and tool kits extends this choice to the individual.  It helps give marginalised orphans the dignity to make their own decisions by choosing their future employment.


Edward continues:

“I am so thankful to TWAM for their support for my community.  Without their selection of tool kits we could not do our work and train the young people.”


With your help the range of kits we send not only trains young people, but also provides the computer support to run the charity too.  They also provide a means for the charity to earn income, allowing them to offer their training free to the orphans.

Thank you for helping us send to ‘Tanzania Partnership Development Organisation.’ 

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