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One Million Tool



Christmas 2021

We're beginning our most ambitious journey.


Why we need to make a change

From hammers to sewing machines, TWAM sends around 500,000 individual refurbished tools to Africa every year. That's around 15,000 tool kits!

But the demand for tools is so high that some applicants have to wait over two years for their tools. We want this to change so that everybody gets their tools in less than a year. 

We have many countries asking for our support, but we cannot expand while waiting lists are so long and demand is so great in the countries we currently support.

Unfortunately, we don't have the facilities to sort and refurbish any more tools.

Only our Ipswich site is capable of putting all of our kits together and dispatching containers.

So we need to do something amazing to send one million tools to Africa every year.

How we're going to do it

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We're going to achieve our goal of sending one million tools to Africa by opening a large new refurbishment centre in the Midlands in 2022.

It's our most ambitious plan yet. The first step is to employ our first full-time manager to help us grow from our current small site in Coventry to a much larger one.

Nigel (pictured) is the first step of that amazing journey. He will join us in January to lead the work in Coventry and work with our small team of dedicated volunteers to open the new centre.

It's a huge financial challenge, but one that we must achieve for the thousands of people in Africa who depend on our tools to transform their lives and communities.

But first, we have to raise the funds to begin the journey and support Nigel's life-changing work, and we need your help! Your donation will support us as we make our first step on this massive journey to transform even more lives in Africa.

Nigel photo 1 (1).JPG

''I am really excited and honoured to be joining TWAM.

I am really looking forward to being part of a team that changes lives for the better and brings practical help in the name of Jesus.

I am really excited about growing the potential of TWAM and what we will be able to do in the future. The new building will allow us to grow the work we do and the fantastic team we have in Coventry.

I really want to carry on with the team building and the hard and committed work that has been a big part of the Coventry centre in the past.

I look forward to learning from the team and introducing new ideas that will make us more effective. I am excited to be able to lead our team with honesty, respect, and tea, coffee, and biscuits!''

Meet Nigel

The first step on
our big journey

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