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Summer Appeal

The hard life of a TWAM van

Journeying the equivalent of 1.5 times around the world each year, carrying the weight of 20 elephants

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Help Us Replace Our Oldest, Most Unreliable Van to Continue Transforming Lives

Our South Central Van journeys the equivalent of 1.5 times around the globe every year, transporting a staggering 110 tonnes of tools – equivalent to 20 elephants! These tools are instrumental in changing lives across Africa. Sadly, the van now showing its age, with two major breakdowns in just one week. Our volunteer drivers and collectors can't be let down. We need to act now and replace it.

TWAM Vans are our largest expenditure, and when they fail, our mission suffers. The South Central Van's reliability is vital. It enables us to send approximately 100,000 tools to Africa, supporting around 180 groups that train hundreds of people each year. We can't allow this to stop.

Donate Now to Help Us Replace the South Central Van


With your support, we can ensure that the South Central Van continues its essential work, transforming lives and building futures. 

By contributing to our appeal to replace this invaluable van, you are not just giving to a cause – you are becoming a part of a life-changing journey. Your generosity can keep us on the road and continue to transform lives.


Meet Keith, our volunteer
Van Manager

“Driving and managing the South Central TWAM Van is a privilege and a pleasure as we pick up vast quantities of tools from our many collectors.


We are also well placed geographically, allowing us to deliver to either Ipswich or Rugby. Our van has been unreliable but manageable with several minor issues over the years, but recently, due to two breakdowns in the space of a week, the pleasure has been reduced. 


Replacing our van will allow us to ensure a reliable pick-up schedule for our region - and reduce my stress levels!”

TWAM Needs Your Support: Help Us Replace the South Central Van

It’s been an incredibly tough financial year for TWAM, and this is a cost we simply cannot afford without your help. With the cost of living crisis and other challenges, we've faced massive financial setbacks. Thankfully, your generous support during our Easter appeal helped us navigate these obstacles, slowing down the significant losses we'd incurred.

But we're not out of the woods yet.


Our current financial shortfall is still expected to be around £100,000. Now, with the urgent need to replace the South Central Van, we're faced with an additional cost of £30,000 for a new van. We can't opt for a used one, as that would be a false economy for such a hardworking vehicle.

It's a decision we never wanted to make, especially when we're fighting to reduce costs, but we have no choice.

Please note that if we exceed the target for this appeal, the extra funds will be designated to the area of greatest need. 


The South Central Van allows us to:

  • send around 100,000 tools to Africa

  • support around 180 groups training hundreds of people

  • transform literally thousands of lives through the gift of livelihood-creating tools

We mustn’t allow this to stop because of a failing van.

Other ways to donate

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Donate by post

Cheques, postal orders, charity vouchers, and standing order forms can be sent to:

Tools with a Mission

2 Bailey Close

Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate



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Direct bank deposit

You can also pay directly into our bank account:​

Barclay Bank Ltd.

Account no. 33190994

Sort code 20-44-51

We would love to acknowledge your BACS donation, so please send us your contact details, amount donated and date of donation via email ( or post when you've donated directly via BACS. 

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Donate by phone

You can ring us to donate by debit or credit card.

Our number is 01473 210 220 and our office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

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