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Daniel and His Workshop

For someone like Daniel the workshop is his family livelihood but it wasn’t always like this for him.  He was making mud bricks in back-breaking conditions and barely fending for himself. After Daniel finished his training, he received a carpentry kit of over 50 quality tools from us to start his business.  He now looks after his entire family, providing the basics like food and education for children, impacting the next generation.  Even more amazing, his business grew and he now employs 4 people who can now look after their families’ too.  All this thanks to a single carpentry tool kit, just 1 of over 10500 kits and large tools we send every year, supporting livelihood creation. 

How does it work?

1. Donate tools.  The UK public and companies donate unwanted tools, computers and sewing machines. This helps some donors who might be dealing with a death in the family or health issues, for example.  It also helps the environment by recycling rather than sending tonnes of usable tools to landfill.  

2. Refurbish and send.  450 UK volunteers share our passion collecting tools from the public, refurbishing them into tool kits and sending them out to Africa.  Some of our volunteers are learning skills for new livelihoods in the UK too.

3. Create new livelihoods, lifting people out of poverty.  Locally driven partner charities in Africa receive the tool kits and train people so they can create new businesses, build schools and improve communities.  We work predominately with small community level organisations run by local people.

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