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We collect, refurbish and pack sewing and knitting machines of various types, complete with supplies that are needed to start a business and produce enough goods to then go on to purchase more supplies.  All our sewing and kniting related kits and their contents are listed below, on occasion we may need  to substitute or omit certain items due to supply limitations or special requests from partners overseas.

We supply embroidery and tapestry materials to UK based charities and organisations  that help to transform lives such as those specialising in providing special needs education and education within the prision service.  Some of our products are sold to raise funds for TWAM, get in touch via 01473 210220 or post@twam.uk for more details.

Download the sewing/knitting machine leaflet here


Hand Knitting Kit

Containing needles, wool, patterns and everything needed for hand knitting and sewing together jumpers.  An essential kit for all knitters! 


Kit contents: 

Buttons Pack
Cable Needles Pack
Crochet Hooks Pack
Knitting Needles Set 
Needle Gauge
Patterns Pack 
Row Counter
Stitch Holders
Wool - Assortment Pack
Wool Needles & Pins Pack 

Patterns and instruction books are also sent.

Sewing Machine

Everybody needs clothes, which makes tailoring the journey of choice for many seeking a way out of poverty.   Wherever you go in Africa, from busy city street corners to quiet rural backwaters you will find a tailor with their sewing machine.    The gift of a sewing machine will allow a newly trained tailor to work from their own home or market place and use the proceeds to keep a roof over their family’s head, put food on the table and send their children to school.


Kit contents:

Sewing Machine

Sewing Kit Included

Knitting Machine

A skilled knitter can make an entire jumper in under an hour. The journey to employment for most knitters is to secure a contract from a local school to make children’s knitted uniforms. Wool is plentiful so this is a stable, regular way to earn a living. A knitting machine will provide one family with a living and is a wonderful gift.


Kit contents:

Knitting Machine
Knitting Machine Accessories and Patterns Pack
Knitting Wool Sack

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is supplied with every sewing machine and includes everything the newly trained tailor needs to get their small business off the ground. 


Kit contents: 

Bag - Handmade Cloth
Cotton - Reels Pack
Fastenings - Buttons(F & U) Poppers Zips Velcro Bag
Finishing Asst - Binding Ribbon Tape Lace Triming Pack
Needle Case with Needles
Pins -Dressmaking Tub
Pins - Safety
Scissors - Large Sewing
Scissors - Small Sewing
Tape Measure

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