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Rugby Refurbishment Centre

The 1 Million Tool Challenge

Tour the centre

Our CEO, Mike Griffin, recently filmed a video tour of the new centre. The work is progressing very quickly, and we will soon be able to fully move into the centre. Have a look at the video to see our vision!



We've got our new refurbishment centre, and now, we're preparing to send the first container.

We know times are very tough for all of us, but TWAM is determined to move forward with its ambitious plans to double in size so that we can double the number of tools we send to Africa. The need is so great, and we are determined to do all we can to meet it.

The new centre has been fully equipped, and our staff and dedicated volunteers are working hard to refurbish all the tools, ready to load Rugby's first container. The first stage has been completed, but we still need your support. Please consider donating to help us keep this centre up and running and make sure that the tools arrive safely in the hands of people who so deeply need them.

Your support will help us to:

  • send an extra 16 containers, filled with 14,000 tool kits or 400,000 individual tools to Africa

  • save over 200 tonnes of tools from potentially going to landfills in the UK

  • transforms many thousands of lives with livelihood-creating tools

  • offer more volunteering opportunities to vulnerable or disadvantaged people in the UK

One tool kit is all that is needed to transform a life, giving someone a sustainable way to earn their own income every single day and maintain their independence.

Have a look

Here are some pictures of our new centre.

How to help


This new building will cost us £150,000 to fully equip, so we will need all the support that we can get.


There are many events and activities that you could arrange to raise money for TWAM, such as coffee mornings, quiz nights, sponsored walks, cake stalls, and more!

If you'd like to raise money for us, we have some material for you to use. You can either fill in the form on the right to receive professionally printed publicity or click the links below to download and print your own:


You can also run a Facebook Fundraiser to raise money for us.

We would really appreciate any help and support that you can give. It will go so far in equipping this new centre and helping us to send even more livelihood-creating tools to vulnerable people in Africa!

Thanks, we'll send you your publicity!

Help us fundraise

Make a donation

We would appreciate any amount that you are able to donate to us, but here are some items that we will need for the new centre which may help to guide your donation:

Help us to achieve our goal

of sending 1 million tools every year

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