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Tailoring: A dream come true!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Diana lives in Entebbe, home to Uganda's only international airport. Despite the increase in infrastructure in this rapidly developing city, pockets of poverty still remain.

Diana is a single mother. Having a teenage pregnancy meant her studies suffered and she was forced to drop out of school.

TWAM's partner and local NGO Mindset run tailoring courses for students just like Diana. "A friend told me about Mindset and the opportunity it would give me to learn again. As a 'school drop out' I had little prospect of employment. I gained skills and knowledge in tailoring, a dream come true!"

Diana received a sewing machine and sewing kit when she graduated from the course with Mindset. All of the graduates enrolled at Mindset receive the relevant tools upon graduation - all provided by generous Tools with a Mission supporters!

Diana now rents a small space on a friendly shop-owners' porch. She works in the space 8am to 7pm six days a week. Diana had a sewing machine adapted into a treadle (by one of our UK volunteers) as there is no electricity on the shop porch.  

Diana now makes up to 7 dresses per week! "My customers trust me and tell me what they want and know I

will make it.  I measure them and design their garments to their wishes."

Your donated sewing machine could end up in the hands of a young woman just like Diana!  When donating tools to TWAM, be sure to check out our list of tool kits.  A sewing kit is supplied with every sewing machine donated, and includes everything the newly trained tailor needs to get their small business off the ground. You might want to donate a small amount of money with your tools to ensure your donated items last a life-time!