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Stories of livelihood creation: meet Namu

Namu had a tough start to life. Her father left her mother and five siblings when she was in primary school. Namu completed her primary education but didn't have enough money to take her final exams.

With no certificate of education she was in danger of falling prey to the dangers of unemployment for a young woman in rural Uganda. Her mother decided to move to Entebbe, a more densely populated area of Uganda, in search of a better life for her and her children. She was introduced to Mindset, TWAM's Ugandan partner, and encouraged her daughter to enroll on their tailoring course.  In 2019 Namu graduated from her tailoring course and moved into her own shop. She says "I wanted to support my family and help my mum just to put food on the table so my younger brothers and sisters can eat. I also had a passion for tailoring. I love design.

The red and green dress on display is 35,000 Ugandan Shillings (approx £7.50) and took me one day to make. Most of my customers want repairs to clothes but some will ask for dresses. My plan is to open a big shop this year!"

Across Uganda COVID-19 has shaken the tailoring markets, with the nationwide lockdown forcing people to stay at home and causing people like Namu to go without months of income. Our partners at Mindset our supporting these communities at the grassroots level. Livelihood creation like Namu's story has never been more important across these communities. To give the gift of a sewing machine today visit