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Sewing Hope

Eron lives with her mother and sister in Entebbe, Uganda. She explains that her father is no longer around. “In 2015 my mum opened her own shop selling sweets and cakes with some money she had saved working in someone else’s shop.”

Eron’s mother Diana was determined to help her daughter realise her full potential when she took an interest in tailoring.

"My mother helped me in buying material with the money from her shop. Then my cousin introduced me to Mindset where I learnt tailoring! I love fashion and I like wearing what I make. Tailoring is a good choice, even if you cannot afford materials you can do repairs to earn some money.”

After completing her course, Eron received two sewing machines from TWAM to launch her business and train other girls. She quickly began to gain regular clients in the area. She now teaches her younger sister tailoring on the second sewing machine.

Eron’s love for tailoring fuels her dream to open her own training centre for school drop-outs! “I know where I’ll start the school, I looked for somewhere with lots of school drop-outs. When girls don’t finish school, some will become pregnant and won’t have any chance.”

Diana, Eron’s mum, says “The sweet shop I started has now become Eron’s tailoring shop. There are a lot of tailors in the community but whether or not you do well depends on how neat your work is and your reputation.” Eron has become a valued and trusted tailor in the community, even winning awards for her designs!