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Harriet's Happy Story

Hello, I’m Harriet. I’m from Uganda and this is my happy story...

“My family are subsistence farmers (that means they have a small plot of land, no bigger than the average back garden where they grow all the vegetables to feed themselves and hopefully a little more to sell to buy meat) and I did not want to do that. It is very hard and crops are not reliable. Also there is no opportunity to earn money, so little hope the children could ever go to school. I could only go to a bad school and had to leave that during primary. I was desperate and became pregnant to a young man who had no prospects and would not marry me. Since then I have always been alone. I did not want this life for my kids.

So when I heard about the charity, Mindset Development in Entebbe and that they trained women and girls in tailoring for free, I applied to join. I completed my course in 2016 and won the Graduation Day talent show for the best designed and made dress. TWAM gave me a sewing machine and I started to work on a neighbours’ verandah.

After 2 years, I had saved enough to rent my shop. My life has been changed completely. Now my two boys (aged 14 and 11) are in a good school and both are top of their classes. I am so proud and so pleased I could give them the opportunity I never had. God has blessed my children with wisdom and I would like one to be a doctor, but I will be happy as long as they have a skill.”

Harriet did not have the best start in life as several men took advantage of her desperation and loneliness, but what a change she has made to her life! What a change to the lives of her children! How utterly amazing that not only can she dream of one of her sons’ becoming a doctor, it is a very achievable reality.

Many happy stories start out sad, some are tragic, but perhaps that is what stirs the heart to fight for better. Harriett is an amazing example of a woman who refused, despite all the odds to accept her life has to be a tragedy. It is a privilege beyond words that TWAM could play a small part in turning her life and that of her son's futures around.

How incredible it took training and a sewing machine costing just £25 to do it.