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Donald's community spirit

Meet Donald. He is an inspirational young man from Zimbabwe embarking on a journey to bring skills to the young people of his community.

He could so easily have given in to the despair of the political situation, the crippling poverty, the unreliable electricity and the terrible rains, but that’s not Donald! He saw the local school trying to teach their students a trade and saw a journey to livelihood creation that simply would never begin. He says: “There are many needs at the school, lack of access to free learning resources, a textiles and design department without sewing machines and materials, a skills training centre with no tools so we cannot be taught. We have electrical wiring that is dangerous, but often no power anyway. How can anyone learn like this?”

Donald knew if he was to start his journey he would need sewing machines and materials, carpentry and builders’ kits, computers, electricians’ kits and a generator. Donald applied to TWAM. When his tools arrived he was thrilled. He said: "I do not know how to thank you".

He continues: “The students are so amazing and have already sewn beautiful curtains using their sewing machines and materials. They have made curtains for the computer lab and knitted scarfs and gloves which were given to financially struggling students and orphans. The computers enable us to learn better, download resources and without a doubt we will see the pass rate increase meaning we will shine in the district. The petrol generator has solved the electricity problems and now the school programmes will not be disrupted like in the past.”

Donald is an inspiration and a great hope for his community in Zimbabwe. To provide tools for people just like Donald, please make a donation using the form below: