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Annie's Happy Story

Hello, I’m Annie, I’m from Zambia and here’s my happy story...

Annie’s story did not start out happy as she lost her parents and her way when she was young. Men took advantage of her vulnerability and desperation and her story with Tools with a Mission begins after years of hurt, rejection and abuse, as she struggles to bring up two children on her own. But Annie is a remarkable woman, who would not give up. We’ll let her tell her own story:

“I struggled to bring up my two children and could not afford to send them to school or even feed them everyday. Then I was offered a place at the Orphans Knitting School and jumped at the opportunity. I love knitting because, once you have your own knitting machine you can have a shop and start your own business. It was my dream to have my own machine and visit schools to see if I could make their school uniform jumpers. I did very well, but because I could not afford to buy a knitting machine, I could not fulfill my dream.

Instead I started plaiting hair, but that pays very little money and not enough to support my children. Then my church started a small skills centre and invited me to join as they knew how much I was struggling. I finished the course and can make a jersey in one hour. When I finished Tools with a Mission gave me my very own knitting machine and a sack of wool to get me started. I was so excited when it arrived, I could hardly believe it. It is a gift from God for me and has changed my life.

Now I have my own business, am sending me children to school and putting food on the table every day. Our lives have changed so much!”

We hope you enjoyed Annie’s story. She is doing really well and has secured school contracts for jumpers. But she achieved it all with a knitting machine, somebody in the UK donated to TWAM and we refurbished and shipped to Zambia. In many ways, so little, to change the life of Annie and her children; Francis and Amos.

It costs TWAM just £35 to send a knitting machine<