My lasting Gift of Hope

Why leave tools to TWAM?


The words we hear time and time again are:


‘I wanted to leave my tools to my family, but my children aren’t interested and I would hate to see them go in a skip’


  • Dad’s say to this to us about their tool boxes

  • Mum’s say this about their sewing machines

  • Children say this to us about their parents belongings


All are thrilled to think tools and machines treasured in life, will continue to be treasured and used by the next generation.  Tools unwanted by us, still have an immense value in the developing world and will often be cherished and passed down through the generations.


We take tools, sewing/knitting machines, computers and bikes for refurbishing, sorting into trade kits before sending to over 1000 partners across Africa.  Our partners work in their local communities to break people free of the cycle of poverty through training in skills and the provision of a TWAM tool kit. 


There’s no point investing a year training a young person to be a mechanic if at the end of their course they have no tools to work with. 

Leave your tools to TWAM

If you want to leave your tools or sewing/knitting machine to Tools with a Mission there are different ways you can do this.  They are:


  • When writing your Will include within it your wish to leave your tools or machine to us. 


  • Add a codicil to your current Will.   A 'codicil' lets you make amendments to your existing Will without the need to completely rewrite the original document.  In a codicil you can specify small changes to any of the details in your original Will, for example add a new gift or remove (revoke) previous ones.  It is important to note that a codicil does not replace your existing Will and is only valid when it refers to the Will it amends.  The codicil will need to be witnessed and signed in the same way as your Will and you should make sure the two documents are always kept together. A  codicil stating your wish to leave your tools or machine to Tools with a Mission is sufficient. 


Whichever option you choose please be as accurate as possible in listing your tools and their location.  For example ’I leave to Tools with a Mission the complete contents of my tool shed’ or ’I leave to Tools with a Mission my carpentry tools except for my lathe which I leave to (name).’  Please include the charities full name, address and charity number.

Donate a loved ones tools to TWAM

Many of the tools donated to TWAM come after a loss.  We receive many phone calls from relatives and executors needing to clear homes but not wanting to throw cherished belongings away. 


We have a national team of volunteer collectors who will come and collect tools and sewing/knitting machines.  We also have Refurbishment Centres across the country who accept donations.  Sadly there are some areas where we do not have collectors and where we may have to ask you to arrange delivery of the donation.  We’re sorry but we will not be able to accept items that we cannot use or that are broken beyond reasonable repair. 

To find your nearest volunteer collector or Refurbishment Centre please use the post code checker on the Donate Tools ​page.

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