All collectors have stopped collecting while Government restrictions remain in place.  You can still contact your nearest collector to let them know you have some tools to donate and they will add you to their waiting list.  Please do this if you can, as we will need to quickly resupply our centres when operations restart.  Thank you. 

Please read the Tools Wanted List before contacting a collector.  If you are unsure after reading, please call us on 01473 210220 or email


We have a national network of 200 volunteer collectors who will either pick tools up from you or act as a drop off point.  Use the app below to find your nearest collector.  If you wish to drop off your tools at one of our refurbishment centres, please contact them beforehand.


Contact your chosen collector via email, please put your name, telephone number and postcode into your email along with the name of the collector you are contacting. They will ask you a few questions about what you have to donate and condition. 

Please note that the distance in miles stated is a straight line calculation between your postcode and that of our collector.  It does not take into account rivers or actual road distances.  We have included the town our collector lives in, so you can use local knowledge to determine how near they are.  We would not normally expect a collector to travel more that 10-15 miles to collect tools. 


We are unable to collect tools from EX, PL, TR, TQ and TA1-2, 4-6 and 21-24 (west of the M5) post codes.  We can also no longer collect tools from Scotland.


Help us keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus by putting all tools to be donated into banana boxes and fruit trays which are usually readily available at supermarkets.  These boxes are really strong and will make it quicker and safer for our collectors to take away your tools.






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