How to donate tools

Please read the Tools Wanted List at the bottom of this page before contacting a local volunteer collector.  If you are still unsure, please call us on 01473 210220 or email


We have a national network of over 200 volunteer tool collectors who will either pick tools up from you or act as a drop off point.  Use the postcode checker below to find your nearest collector.  If you wish to drop off your tools at one of our refurbishment centres, please contact them beforehand.


Contact your chosen collector via email

Please put into your email along with you message

  1. Name

  2. Telephone number

  3. Postcode

  4. The collectors name

Please note that the distance in miles stated is a straight line calculation between your postcode and that of our collector.  It does not take into account rivers or actual road distances.  We have included the town our collector lives in, so you can use local knowledge to determine how near they are.  We would not normally expect a collector to travel more that 10-15 miles to collect tools. 

We are unable to collect tools from EX, PL, TR, TQ and TA1-2, 4-6 and 21-24 (west of the M5) post codes.  We can also no longer collect tools from Scotland.

Help us keep everyone safe from Covid 19

Please where possible put all tools into banana boxes and fruit trays which are usually available at supermarkets.  These boxes are really strong and will make it quicker and safer for our collectors to take away your tools.

Don't forget to check the tools wanted list at the bottom of this page.

Our tools wanted list

Yes please!


Sewing machines: manual, electric and treadle

Agricultural tools: Fork, spade, hoe, garden rake, hand fork and trowel, lopper, secateurs and hand shears


Builders’ tools: Spade, shovel, 3ft spirit level, Axe, crowbar, fork, sledge hammer, bow saw, bolsters, chisels, all types of hammers and trowels, pin and lines, tape measures hacksaws and blades etc 


Carpenters’ tools: Bevel, braces, clamps, hand drills and bits, all types of files and hammers, Stanley knife, all types of planes and saws, pliers, rules, all types of saws and screwdrivers, squares etc.  Screws, nails and bolts.


Electricians’ tools: Allen keys, hand drills and bits, all types of pliers and hacksaws, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter etc


Motor mechanics’ tools: Allen keys, cold chisels, breast drill and bits, all types of hammers and pliers, punches, metric socket set and spanners, adjustable spanners, cantilever toolbox, tyre pressure gauge etc


Plumbers’ tools: Basin or tap wrench, wire brush, breast drill and bits, various grips and saws, screwdriver, oil can etc


Garage workshop tools: Hydraulic jack, axle stands, battery charger, ramps and large engineers vice etc


Power tools: Hand and bench drill, sander, planer, jigsaw, circular, band and chop saw, lathe, cultivator, rotavator etc 


Knitting machines: machine wool and needles


Haberdashery: needles, cottons, large material pieces/rolls, buttons, zips etc


Fully working IT equipment: Desktop computers and laptops running a minimum of Windows 7, tablets, networking switch routers and cables


We do have requests for big items such as Welding machines, Generators, Compressors

and Industrial sewing machines.  If you have any of these or similar items please do get

in touch and ask us if we can use them.

No thank you


All broken tools - we can sharpen and remove surface rust, but can’t repair broken tools.  We cannot take tools with woodworm.


Ladders and step ladders

Lawn rakes and long handled shears

Electric and hand lawnmowers


Printers, scanners and typewriters


Disability aids: walking frames, wheelchairs, medicines and glasses


Clothes and shoes: including children’s and babies


Bikes: men’s, women’s and children’s


Books: adults and children’s


Embroidery materials, curtains and weaving materials


Cooking pots, pans and kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, household appliances and musical instruments

This isn’t an exhaustive list, just the main things we’re offered by well meaning supporters on a regular basis

Please note:

Sometimes people donate tools that are not suitable to send to Africa, either due to their age or because they would not be used.  We also have some tools donated in such quantities that we cannot use all of them.  On these occasions we will attempt to sell the items to raise vital funds for our work.