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Christmas Appeal

The price of peace this Christmas

is less than you might think

You could give a vulnerable woman peace of mind
this Christmas.

Thousands of vulnerable women are crying out for peace of mind this Christmas. In some countries that we send tools to, it is common (but illegal) for the extended family to evict a widow and her children and take their family home. Income often generated through growing vegetables disappears overnight and children lose their schooling. To add to the misery, the COVID-19 years have led to isolation and loneliness.     


A sewing machine can provide the peace of mind they seek through stable employment and financial security. To a vulnerable woman, a sewing machine is the greatest gift she could get this Christmas.

  • £25 could provide a vulnerable woman with a sewing machine

  • £50 could equip a training centre with 2 sewing machines

  • £100 could equip a training centre with 4 sewing machines

  • £200 could equip a training centre with 8 sewing machines

Your donation could allow vulnerable women to gain their independence and start earning their own money to support their families. It's hard to think of a Christmas gift with more impact.


Spare a thought for Memory
this Christmas

I am a widow, and I cannot support myself, but I have four children I must support. None of them are at school, except one who has been supported by the community because he is clever. I have no money to buy shoes or school necessities for them.


I survive on family members giving me handouts, but they are getting tired of supporting me.  

The Justice for Women and Vulnerable Children group (pictured above) is helping me by giving me some support and friendship. I do knitting and tailoring one day a week, but I am allowed to come on other days so I can meet with my friends. I find confidence within the group.

After this program, I will be given a TWAM sewing machine, and my life will change.


I will be able to sell things I have made and provide for my family.


Could you live like that?

Memory has no peace of mind. She does not know how she will survive from day to day. She lives in fear of eviction and starvation. She sees her children suffer from lack of schooling, but until now has been powerless to do anything about it. No wonder she has no peace of mind. 


However, she knows that will soon change. Her life will never be easy, but soon she will be able to use her new skills and TWAM sewing machine to give her and her children security they have not known since her husband died. Peace of mind is not far away. You could give other women like Memory the peace of mind and security that they so deeply need this Christmas.

Other ways to donate

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Donate by post

Cheques, postal orders, charity vouchers, and standing order forms can be sent to:

Tools with a Mission

2 Bailey Close

Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate



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Direct bank deposit

You can also pay directly into our bank account:

Barclay Bank Ltd.

Account no. 33190994

Sort code 20-44-51

We would love to acknowledge your BACS donation so please send us your contact details, amount donated and date of donation via email or post when you've donated directly via BACS. 

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Donate by phone

You can ring us to donate by debit or credit card.

Our number is 01473 210 220 and our office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Christmas Store

We have a Christmas store where you can buy many Christmas-related items and gifts such as:

  • 2023 calendar full of photos of people whose lives have been transformed by tools

  • Alternative Christmas gifts allowing you to buy a toolkit for a vulnerable person on behalf of a loved one

  • Christmas cards designed by our team

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